Protocol Title: Web-based radiology education (IRB Protocol # 820028)

Principal Investigators: Alexander Ruutiainen MD, Howard Roth MD, Po-Hao Chen MD, MBA and Tessa Cook, MD PhD; Department of Radiology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (215-662-4000)

Your completion of this module is anonymous and voluntary. We would appreciate your participation in our research study. The central purpose of our study is to assess the use of web-based modules in radiology education. We will not attempt to identify you or your data individually. If you agree to participate, your anonymous responses will be used for research purposes only. Your responses may be used to design novel web based modules for enhancing radiology education. There is no direct benefit to you if you agree. Your alternatives would be to either not complete the module or to opt out of the research; if you opt out of the research portion of the module, you will still be allowed to complete the learning module, but your data and progress will not be stored. There is no risk to you because the module is anonymous. You will not be paid for participation. No matter what you decide to do, this will not affect your career/training. If you self-identify as a prisoner or neonate, we ask that you opt out of this research.

The goal of the Centaur modules is to improve specific aspects of radiology education. As such, we hope that you will learn valuable skills by completing them. Nevertheless, the educational value of these modules is as of yet unproven. As medicine is an ever-changing field, you should use caution in relying solely on a single educational resource, including this one, for the diagnosis of pathology in a real patient population. Although the modules are open to the general public, laymen and patients should approach this material with caution and in consultation with their treating physician.

If you have any question, concerns, or complaints regarding this survey or your participation, you should speak with the Principal Investigators listed above or another designated research team member. If they cannot be contacted or if you want to talk to someone other than those working on the study, you may contact the Penn Office of Regulatory Affairs with any questions, concerns, or complaints by calling (215) 898-2614.

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